Vital ICE

The smartphone app that helps save lives

We have partnered with Vital ICE to offer this smartphone app for free for our community.

Vital ICE is an “In Case of Emergency” app that helps saves lives. This public safety app locally stores user’s medical information, emergency contacts and more. It can be easily accessed by EMS and First Responders in emergency situations.

Our unique code is 3156 – you’ll need it once you’ve downloaded the app.



  User provides medical information and easily accessible by emergency First Responders.

  First Aid treatment protocol for 16 common emergencies.

  Call 911 and sound an alarm from within the app, saving first responders time locating the patient.

  User’s medical information can be sent to hospitals and ERs before the patient arrives.

  Send a text message to emergency contacts with user’s location on a map.

  Create custom wallpaper/lock screen image with your vital health information.

  Dependents information can be listed also, providing EMS with additional family information.

  Backup/restore data to user’s Dropbox account.

  Photo of insurance card(s) keeps them handy for medical personnel.

  Schedule medication, physician, and immunization reminders.

Receive instructions on how to download the app

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