On-Site Crematory Now Available

Performing Cremation Directly Under Our Supervision

We are happy to announce the completion of our On-Site Crematory. In July of this year we broke ground to build a crematory facility addition to our building here in Fort Dodge. After investing nearly half a million dollars into the building with upgrades, we are happy to announce that we have completed construction and are ready to serve families.


We are among the few funeral homes in Iowa that own and operate their own crematory, ensuring that your loved one is only cared for by our professional, licensed funeral directors. Your loved one never leaves our care, guaranteeing that our services are handled with the utmost dignity and respect.   

Cremation has quickly become a popular option for many. Just like all of our service offerings, we adhere to high standards of care with every cremation process. We cremate only one person at a time. We offer the option for families to witness the cremation in our Viewing Room, seeing the body placed into the cremation chamber and if you wish, viewing the cremation event.

A Matter of Trust

The importance of a crematory facility on the premises is so important for peace of mind. You can feel reassured to know that your loved one is cared for by our funeral home at every step of the process. We use a system of checks and balances to ensure that the cremated remains returned to you are those of your loved one, removing any doubt.   

Religious Aspects of Cremation

Many choose to cremate after a religious ceremony, especially if the religious affiliation advocates for the presence of the body. The decision to scatter cremated remains vs. have a permanent resting place may depend on your loved one’s religion as well. If your loved one is Christian, Jewish, Orthodox, Muslim, or Roman Catholic, you may wish to consult your clergy or ask us for additional guidance.  

Tour Our Crematory

If you’re considering cremation for yourself or your loved one, reach out to us to learn more. Your personal inspection of our new crematory is encouraged. We are happy to offer guided tours of our on-site crematory by appointment.      


Matthew’s Cremation: 100 years of experience

Matthews Cremation division was born from Industrial Equipment and Engineering and ALL Crematory merging with Matthews International, the industry leader for memorialization products. Since being adopted into the Matthews family of brands the Matthews Cremation Division has been identified as the global leader in the design and manufacture of cremation equipment.

The company’s leadership within the industry has come from providing “Cremation Green” technology aimed at environmentally-driven services. By incorporating emission abatement and incineration technologies, the division has once again transformed, from a cremation-centric company to now being known as a total environmental solutions provider.

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